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    污水节能处理系统 废水节能处理系统 污水废水处理系统
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    Energy saving treatment system for new type of distributed rural sewage and wastewater and river way management business

    Compound anaerobic--- filtration tank of Shanghai Jiaotong University--- combined artificial wetland process: the output water meets standard of level A.

    模块化设计:采用模块化构建技术,可根据处理水量要求,灵活组装,适用污水处理量范围广(10m3/d一2000m3/d )
    Modular design: adopting modular building technology which may enable assembling in a flexible manner according to water treatment volume. It is applicable for wide scope of sewage treatment volume (10m3/d一2000 m3/d )
    No blockage: combined structure which overcomes easy blockage problems of traditional filtration tank and enables long-time running in a stable manner.
    Small floor occupation: treatment volume of 60m3/d with equipment floor area about 28m. The constructed wetland area is about 250m2 which is only 1/3 compared with traditional constructed wetland area.
    Low investment and running cost: compared with traditional biochemical treatment process, more than 1/3 engineering cost can be saved for 1 ton of water. The running cost will not exceed RMB 0.15 /m3 in general.
    Low energy consumption: natural ventilation is adopted with no requirements for aeration. Only one time of hydraulic hoisting is required which may save about 0.1kW/h energy for 1 ton of water.
    Easy and convenient management: automatic running of the system which does not require management by special person. Only regular inspection is required.
    Low noise, no smell and environmental-friendly: beautiful appearance design which is harmonious with the environment.
    It is applicable for on-site treatment and reuse of rural domestic sewage, sewage of tourist attraction, landscape water and lake water with large change in volume and quality.
    We have applied for patent right of this technology and owns proprietary intellectual property right.

    直接运行成本/Direct operation cost
    (1)电费:主要为一台潜污泵,以处理量60 m3/d为例,泵功率150W,按每度电0.6元计算,吨水提升费为0.04元;
    (1) Electricity cost: mainly for a submersible sewage pump, let’s take a pump with treatment volume of 60 m3 /d as example, the pump power is 150 w. Hoisting cost of a ton of water is RMB 0.04 calculated based on RMB 0.6/kilowatt-hour..
    (2) Labor cost: no maintenance by special person is required for the system, it only needs a part-time worker to perform regular inspection and cleaning. The wage for part-time worker is RMB 150 a month and cost for a ton of water is RMB 0.08.
    (3) Based on the said two items, the direct running cost for treatment of a ton of water will not exceed RMB 0.15.
    1. 采用PLC自动控制,故障自动报警,系统运行无需专人管理;只需定期巡视。运行管理其简便,系统可长期稳定运行。
    2. 200户以下处理规模,常用装机容量为150W,采用220V民用电。耗电量小,运行费用低。每2-5年需对泵进行一次检修。
    3. 设备使用平均寿命为20年,部件新主要包括潜污泵的维修替换和滤料的再生,滤料每10年需进行一次再生或新。
    1. PLC automatic control is adopted with automatic fault alarming. The system can run with no special personnel for management, instead only regular inspection is required. Operation management is extremely simple and the system can run for a long time in a stable manner.
    2. The installed capacity is 150W in general for treatment scale lower than 200 families. 220V electricity for civil use is adopted. It is of small electricity cost and low running cost. Inspection once every 2 to 5 years is needed for the pump.
    3. The average service life of the equipment is 20 years. Renewal of the components includes maintenance & replacement of submersible pump and regeneration of filtration materials. The filtration materials shall be regenerated or renewed every 10 years.
    The accumulated sludge inside the water collection tank and sedimentation tank shall be cleaned once a year. The removed sludge shall be reused or shipped out after harmless treatment, such as composting and airing, etc.
    服务模式/Service mode
    60m3/d ( 200户)处理规模以下,优先采用设备模式;60m3/d处理规模以上在条件允许情况下建议采用建站模式。
    Equipment model is preferred for treatment scale lower than 60m3/d (200 families); station mode is recommended if applicable for treatment volume over 60m3/d.
    Our team centering on market demand, constantly research and develop new technology and products related with distributed rural domestic sewage treatment and provide services including professional engineering consultation, design, construction, commissioning and maintenance, etc. 
    技术支持/Technical support
    Our team will provide life-long technical support for free for running and maintenance of domestic treatment station established in countries and towns with technology of “filtration tank of Shanghai Jiaotong University”.

    纳米气泡水体透析技术应用领域/Application areas of nanobubble water dialysis technology 

    Treatment of malodorous river

    Landscape Water Body Restoration

    Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    High-End Aquaculture

    Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment
    纳米气泡水体透析技术/Nanobubble water dialysis technology

    纳米气泡水体透析原理图/Principle diagram for nanobubble water dialysis

    The working principle of the nanobubble water dialysis technology
    1, increase the dissolved oxygen concentration and aerobic biological activity in a fast and persistent manner in order to improve activity of aerobic organism;
    2, produce large amount of negative oxygen ion, kill anaerobic bacteria and algae in water;
    3, nanobubble with negative charge will make solid solubility and chemical substances flocculate and go up;
    4, anion may degrade sediment in water body and cut off the black smelly water source;
    5, form eco-system and complete self-repairing of water body.
    The surface of nanobubble has strong tension which may constantly shrink in the water to a certain degree and then disappear in the water body which is the reason of its strong oxygen dissolving ability. The bubble becomes smaller during shrinking process and the air pressure inside the bubble increases quickly in inverse proportion which make the gas inside the bubble under super-high pressure. This super high pressure together with super high temperature effect is the may reason for nanobubble to produce ultrasonic wave. Therefore long-time and effective oxidation reaction and bacteria killing is available.

    Negative charge exits on nanbubble surface, so it's difficult for two bubbles becoming one. Thick and fine bubbles will form in water which will not become one and break as normal bubbles. Instead, these thick and fine bubbles may absorb substances with positive charge in the water. By this absorption ability of surface charge on fine particles in water, the organic suspended substances in the water body will be fixed and separated which result in flocculation effect which is the key property for its super separation function in water treatment.
    知识产权   Intellectual property rights
    As for intellectual property, this nanobubble water dialysis technology has successfully won many patents in the United States, the European Union, Taiwan and China mainland.
    号:  Patent No:
    美国(US7,891,632B2)、欧盟(EP 2189212 B1)、台湾地区(I348391)
    中国大陆(ZL 2012 2 0491314. 2;ZL 2012 2 0491245. 5;
                  ZL 2012 2 0491315. 7;ZL 2012 2 0491245. 5;
                  ZL 2013 2 0506485. 2;ZL 2013 2 0548972. 8;
                  ZL 2012 2 0491601. 3;ZL 2013 2 0021949. 0)
    The United States(US7,891,632B2)、 the European Union(EP 2189212 B1)、Taiwan(I348391)
    Mainland China  (ZL 2012 2 0491314. 2;ZL 2012 2 0491245. 5;
                   ZL 2012 2 0491315. 7;ZL 2012 2 0491245. 5;
                   ZL 2013 2 0506485. 2;ZL 2013 2 0548972. 8;
                   ZL 2012 2 0491601. 3;ZL 2013 2 0021949. 0)

    Comparison between nanobubbles patent technology and the traditional aeration technology

    Advantages of nanobubbles patent technology:
    (1) Low treatment cost: compared with traditional aeration, sedimentation, filtration and other traditional methods, it is of low cost and high efficiency without any civil construction facilities and with low treatment cost.
    (2) No secondary pollution, no need to add flocculant, chemical oxidant and no secondary pollution.
    (3) Flexibility: low requirements for site, capable of flexible treatments for closed lakes, open type water bay and rivers as well as many other kinds of landforms
    (4) Thoroughness: degradation of sediment in water body and cut off sources of malodorous water body. 
    Water quality comparison before and after treatment

    Water Body Dialysis Project by Shenzhen Polytechnic
    Water Dialysis Project of Yanxi Lake at Shenzhen OCT
    Water Dialysis project of Ai River in Taiwan

    江河湖泊污染治理,增加溶解氧是富营养化水体生态治理的关键突破口,利用纳米气泡水体生态透析工程技术进行溶氧复氧,溶氧率高*能快速增加水中溶解氧含量,满足微生物降解有机污染物的耗氧需要,为激活、加强水体的生态链(由微生物、水生植物、浮游动物,鱼类等构成)创造必要条件。Pollution treatment of rivers and lakes and dissolved oxygen increasing is the key breakthrough for ecological management of eutrophic water. Oxygen dissolving and reoxygenation can be realized by nanobubble water ecological dialysis engineering technology. High oxygen dissolving rate may quickly increase content of dissolving oxygen and meet oxygen consumption requirements for degradation of organic pollutants by microorganism and create necessary conditions for activating and strengthening eco-system of water body (comprised by microorganism, aquatic organism, zooplankton and fish, etc.)


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